• Live at LEV festival Gijon, photo by ferefotografia.com


Live Video performance for Berlin based musician Kuedo’s AV concerts, directed, arranged and performed by Lucy Benson, produced in collaboration with Marcel Weber. A video impression of the show in Saint Petersburg can be found here.


„The real attraction – both from a personal point of view and by the crowd reaction and size before and after – was Kuedo’s live A/V show and it didn’t disappoint one bit. “ - Laurent Fintoni, PlayGround Magazine „His live show was utterly enthralling, as Kuedo was subtly enveloped into MFO's projections of fractured light on the wall behind; waterfalls of shadow and kaleidoscopic blinding light rippling across the stage and synchronised with the synthesiser-led compositions of Severant cuts, which were woven together with a finesse and intensity that few live shows manage to command.“ - Lauren Martin, Clash


18th Apr 2013 - Rokolectiv, Bucharest, Romania 07th Feb 2013 - Mutek Barcelona, Spain 31th Jan 2013 - CTM Festival, Berghain, Berlin, Germany 10th Jan 2013 - Fabric, London, UK 24th Nov 2012 - Capital Bass, Moscow, Russia 23th Nov 2012 - Electro-Mechanica, St. Petersburg, Russia 10th Nov 2012 - Club-to-Club, Turin, Italy 19th Oct 2012 - Unsound, Krakow, Poland 17th Oct 2012 - Club-to-Club showcase, London, UK 08th Oct 2012 - Corsica Studios, London, UK 24th Aug 2012 - Chambre 69, Glasgow, UK 04th Aug 2012 - Off Festival, Katowice, Poland 03th Aug 2012 - Nachtdigital, Olganitz, Germany 20th July 2012 - Leisure System, Berghain, Berlin, Germany 11th May 2012 - XOYO, London, UK 27th Apr 2012 - L.E.V. festival, Gijon, Spain    

The idea was to create an otherworldly visual experience, a gateway to a distant future, indescribable, far beyond current trajectories — and to embed the stage performer, Kuedo, in this realm; thereby creating abstract projections and having him being the focal  point of the overall composition the audience is witnessing.

The production was done primarily with analog techniques, inspired by those that might have been found in a 1970's special effects workshop: films and foils with graphical imagery exposed on them, overlapped and hand-animated on a light table creating intricate moiré pattern that naturally flow and constantly transform; custom optical assemblies through which light was refracted were employed, giving the appearance of cosmic phenomena; along with rotating overlays of various fabrics that create the illusion of evolving organic patterns. These techniques were shot with a wide assortment of special lenses. The final footage was enriched in digital post production by colour grading, temporal manipulations and collaging.