CTM FESTIVAL 2012 Trailer

Video trailer for the 2012 edition of CTM festival.

With an extensive program of concerts, discourses and an exhibition space, CTM.12 – Festival for Adventurous Music and Related Arts – appropriated the festival theme SPECTRAL in order to explore the current reemergence of all things ghostly and dark in experimental music, avant-pop, and art; and to speculate about its possible causes and inherent potentials.

The trailer reflects the visual language of the festival edition's design as well as it translates it's  theme.

[..] One explores revisitations of past music and media and their unfulfilled utopias and dystopias, conjures eerie presences that rise from the deep material structures.
The combinatorial game and crude tinkering with the found, DIY media archaeology, and turbulent bricolage at flea markets, archives and the dumps of global civilization thus become a last resort, where a master plan is absent by necessity. But it is precisely such uneasy contexts that prevent us from settling comfortably into the past and ultimately becoming ghosts; as there is no rest in sight, the search must continue. Where the medial surfaces have not been smoothed over and the tension of the material is retained, where no deliberate artistic strategy is pursued, where the monstrous and hallucinatory effects of media are laid bare, lies an opportunity to leave open the cracks and fissures through which a future newness may still seep in to confront us.

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Light, screens, aluminous papers; for this this video I undertook an exploration of the materiality and reflective qualities of a number of artificial tissues, foils and papers. Light is shed on these, then fragmented and reflected onto a number of screens, which themselves were made of semi-transparent synthetic fabric; the resulting imagery is being filmed, capturing a process that reveils the hidden magic of these materials; their transcendence and imaginary quailities. Composed into the image are pouring spectral colour fields that have been made in smoke experiments.

To meet the requirements of the corporate festival design, I applied some further treatments, mostly a moiré-heavy halftone simulation to match the print feeling.