Marcel Weber is a visual artist who works with imagery, light and space. He has been directing and producing audiovisual performances, stage designs, video works and installations since 2001.

Marcel Weber is a resident visual artist for several event series focused on the exploration of experimental music in Berlin and internationally. He is is part of Berlin's Atonal festival team as director for lights and visuals and a long time collaborator of Unsound festival. His performances and installations have been commissioned and featured by many highly regarded festivals, such as CTM and Transmediale (Berlin), Mutek (Montreal), Unsound (Krakow, Adelaide, Toronto) and Atonal and have been shown at renown venues like the British Film Institute, Barbican, Centre Pompidou, and CERN as well as numerous institutions and events across Europe, USA and Australia.

Recent projects of note include collaborations with film composers such as Ben Frost, Roly Porter and Jed Kurzel, sound artists like Tim Hecker, Lustmore & Biosphere and musicians like Stars of the Lid, Kara-Lis Coverdale and Liz Harris (Grouper).

In earlier years Weber also contributed video design to houses of high culture, having worked with the Opera national de Paris, the Academy of Arts Berlin, at Sophiensaele Berlin and the brut theatre in Vienna on a variety of theatre plays and opera productions.

Weber's performances are concerned with memory and perception, identity formation and dissolution – particularly in the context of possible futures and their underlying mythologies. His work is marked by a well-defined and distinctive aesthetic, using images and atmospheric light that both resonate with and form a relationship to sound. Applying to visuals the musical language, with its ability to shape emotional worlds, an ethereal quality emerges, brought to life by his passion for experimental narratives.

Employing new and old media forms equally, Weber interfaces the 70's effects workshop with the digital realm, using analogue projectors, film, lenses and mirrors, paint and chemicals alongside digital compositing and generative software. The outcome is a multi-layered experience communicated by dynamic imagery: a cosmos made of pictures, textures and distortions, a magical sensation of surreal moments, stimuli for the subconscious.

At Berlin Atonal 2015 // Photo by Camille Blake


Email: marcel@mfoptik.de
Phone: +49 (0)176 621 288 37

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