Marcel Weber / MFO
narrates spaces, creates sensations, and works in light, video and scenography.

In the early 2000s mw/mfo started out by VJing in the realms of electronic dance music,
over time becoming more conversant with scenography and light. Working in theatre was
another formative influence and led to his Gesamtkunstwerk understanding and performanceorientated approach to everything.
Over the years increasingly taking on an artistic vantage point, he became an avid
collaborator of many; and a strong believer in exciting synergies through group
mw/mfo's work of the past 2o years has been concerned with perception and cognition, with
memory and identity, and with their dissolution in mind-altering experiences in the
context of unlimited futures, an incomprehensible Now and underlying mythologies.

mw/mfo has been directing A/V performances, video works and installations, as well as
creating scenography for theatre and musical pieces. As such he works as Berlin-Atonal‘s
director for light and visual and as a long time collaborator of Unsound festival in
Recent projects of note include work with Caterina Barbieri on her “Light Years” label
and solo tour, with Lyra Pramuk on the large-scale installation “This Too Will Pass”,
performance pieces “Nervous System 2020” and “Snowcloud” with choreographer Guillaume Marie, Arte TV and Tresor Records' series of staged concerts, or the operatic “Kistvaen” with Roly Porter.
Further mw/mfo has been extensively touring with sound artists like Aisha Devi, Ben Frost
and Tim Hecker.
mw/mfo's performances and installations have been commissioned and featured at renown
venues like the Barbican, British Film Institute, Centre Pompidou, CERN, Dark Mofo /
Mona,Martin Gropius Bau, Kraftwerk Berlin-Mitte, Volksbühne, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ,
Palais des Beaux-Arts Brussels and many more.