“Ephemera” is an installation by Unsound festival, uniting sound, scent and visual elements. Berlin avant-garde perfumer Geza Schoen has created a scent for Noise, Drone and Bass, with sounds created respectively by Ben Frost, Tim Hecker and Steve Goodman (Kode9).
The installation's visual component was created by Manuel Sepulveda (Optigram) and video artist Marcel Weber (MFO).
Curated by Małgorzata Płysa and Mat Schulz from Unsound.


“I wouldn’t normally do this, and please don’t think I’m strange, but are you wearing… Drone by Tim Hecker?”
They move closer, eyes sparkling.
“It is, yes. That’s not…? You’re not wearing…? Noise by Ben Frost, are you?”
They of course already know the answer, locked in eternal embrace. They leave hand-in-hand to make twitching love to Autechre b-sides." - Thump / Vice

"New Yorkers are accustomed to strange smells — including that mysterious wave of maple syrup that periodically wafts across the city — but that's nothing compared to what's in store this weekend at Unsound's Ephemera installation at Audio Visual Arts, where a cross-disciplinary team is exploring the synaesthetic link between sound, vision, and scent." -
Spin Magazine


15th-18th Oct 2014 - Unsound Festival, Krakow, Poland
1st - 6th April 2014 - AVA Gallery, New York, United States