For the presentation of Ben Frost's "A U R O R A" a special lights & video show was created by Marcel Weber (MFO). It was produced by and premiered at Unsound Krakow, 16th October 2014.

The visual show comprises custom built video-light scanners, an arsenal of strobes and projections that form a backdrop for the stage.
The custom built video-lights create visible rays; apparently tangible beams. The beams travel the room, washing over the audience and shaping architectures of light in prismatic colours. These atmospheric video-lights are supplemented by phrenetic stroboscopes played like a drum set of lights, flashing in an orchestration of six or more, distributed over the room. During passages in which the music recedes in intensity, the light effects scale down in step, falling back onto the projection screen behind the the stage and exhibiting abstract imagery of hypnotic cosmic beauty.


Interview with the creators project / vice (in german only).


16th Oct 2014 - Unsound Festival, Krakow, PL
24th April 2015 - Donaufestival, Krems, AT
30th April 2015 - Oval Space, London, UK
2nd May 2015 - L.E.V. Festival, Gijon, ES
20th June 2015 - The Hearn, Luminato / Unsound Toronto, CA
23rd Aug 2015 - Kraftwerk Mitte, Berlin Atonal, DE
20st Sept 2015 - Scopitone Festival, Nantes, FR
7th Nov 2015 - MIRA Festival, Barcelona, ES
22nd Dec 2015 - Teatro Maria Matos, Lisbon, PT
23rd Jan 2016 - Nemo, Paris, FR
21st May 2016 - Moogfestival, Raleigh, North Carolina, US

The album A U R O R A carries a cutting supernatural quality, like a radiant cosmic force, and it is this quality I'm aiming to translate into a vivid spatial experience.
As a first step I developed a number of video clips, pure luminous structures and phenomena; a nucleus for an extensive show. Then, in conversation with Ben Frost these clips and ideas got extended to a room-expanding live show, implemented with the setup mentioned above.

The custom built video-light scanners are essentially video projectors directed into the hazy room and projecting right at the audience; thus creating tangible beams – an intense physical experience of light. By the use of remote-controlled movable mirrors these beams are directed further, allowing to shape spatial structures of light, like deconstructivist drawings in three dimensions. The impression is not unlike that of a laser show, but less harsh, less coldly precise, and less technical. Furthermore this technique grants the creative freedom to add prismatic colours, halos, auras and chromatic aberrations, and to emit whole fields of light.

The rather elevated, atmospheric video-lights needed the extension of phrenetic stroboscopes; directed at the walls and sitting behind the architecture of the room, their indirect flashes feel like the stark play of light & shadow during a thunderstorm above a city's skyline. The strobes are played like a visual drum set, with each individual unit rarely continuously strobing, but instead pumping out single flashes. The orchestration of six or more individually operating strobes, distributed over the room, allows a stunning, disorientating and room-reconfiguring effect to take place.

Additionally I wrote custom software to control all of these components live and from one central interface. The software had to be intuitive – no thinking inside computer windows! – ultimately it had to work like an instrument. Hence the VVVV patch runs entirely „in the background“, I only interact with it via a midi controller. –m